Job title: Officer Contractor Engagement
Job type: Temporary
Emp type: Full-time
Location: Mongolia
  • Mining & Metals
Pay interval: Monthly
Pay rate: Negotiable
Job published: 2018-01-10
Job ID: 30367
Contact name: Chuluun-Erdene Bayan-Erdene
Phone number: 89009290
Contact email:

Job Description

Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Responsible for entering contract information into various systems or sending off notification to other departments to get data entered (such as person records into CE and RTBS systems, training, travel and other related systems ).
  • Ensure alignment with the Oyu Tolgoi guidelines “The Way We Buy”, and the “Way We Work”
  • Maintain and ensure a current and accurate online induction register
  • Obtain copies of the appropriate contractor technical qualifications identified by Designated Manager, and conduct initial review of relevance and validity • manage these documents/evidence in a structured manner
  • Obtain contractors full workers information, competency declarations, Fit For Work, tools /equipment, and vehicle listing, inspection documents, HSE Management plan, Toolbox action plan, pre-job conference checklist, performance scorecards, timesheets, invoices and other CE process related documents on time, review, manage and periodically follow up the accuracy and up to date validity of all the documents . 
  • Aid in development of detailed libraries of Statements of Work (or components of) for common/repetitive requirements, to facilitate the preparation of specifications by Designated Managers
  • To do required verbal and written translations from English to Mongolian and vice versa in the frame of the work 
  • Post TandM specifications only to appropriately prequalified and Preferred Vendors
  • Undertake the necessary follow-up process steps in the case of emergency engagements
  • Ensure contract performance goals and objectives are met and then have contractor execute the processes and procedures to achieve them, ensuring progress is made and corrective measures are taken as necessary
  • Strive to achieve maximum contract value by audit of contractor performance and processes on a regular basis to ensure value delivery
  • Close the feedback loop to ensure that any poor or good performance is reflected back in the Vendor record and/or Contractor record
  • Solicit information from the Vendors and Designated managers on the performance and report back to the Company with any improvement suggestions or otherwise
  • Escalations to relevant Company personnel as required for exceptions
  • Ensure timeliness of each stage of the process
  • Provide assistance to Contractor Suppliers and Contractors to ensure the data is entered and captured
  • Analyse Contractor data for completeness and accuracy Follow up on invoice processing to ensure prompt payment of invoices to Contractor Suppliers, identifying and classifying issues that arise. 
  • Ensure that records of each contractor’s status are up to date so that there is an accurate reflection of the company’s workforce at any point in 
  • Support standardization and continuous improvement of the contractor engagement process
  • Reports periodically on progress to Contractor Suppliers and internal customers
  • Builds trust, respect, and credibility within the relationship’s key stakeholders
  • Work with internal customers to tie the immediate supplier contract and partnering relationship to a macro perspective of the achievement of long-term organizational and supplier partnering goals
  • Balances company and supplier partnership loyalties.

Educational background 

  • Undergraduate or equivalent or higher education obtained through degrees or diplomas from academic college or universities.
  • Business Administration or a discipline relevant to the performing function.
  • Relevant experience typically achieved through Relevant experience typically achieved through 

UB based